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Al Pomodoro was born from the shared vision of two 27-year-old cousins, aiming to create an authentic Italian experience in the heart of Cambridge. To bring this vision to life, they decided to establish a business modeled after the traditional family enterprises found in the south of Italy.

In Italy, a typical family business involves about 90% of the employees being close relatives. Al Pomodoro embraces this tradition, with key roles filled by family members: Umberto's mother-in-law serves as the head chef, his father-in-law as the pizza chef, and his wife as the pastry chef. Additionally, many other employees are cousins or relatives.

With the family-oriented business in place, the primary focus now is to deliver an exceptional service that allows customers to immerse themselves in the Sicilian ambiance. They take pride in offering fresh, handmade Sicilian food, inviting patrons to feel like they are dining in the comfort of their own living room, as Umberto often likes to say.


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